Getting This BLOG Started!

My website is breathing again!!!   Whew....what a test of patience in getting this thing up and running again.   I don't want to get too deep in the weeds on this, but my domain expired and the company I purchased it with didn't notify me that the expiration date was around the corner....I found out the hard way when I went to do a post last November.  I learned that the company I had orginally purchased the domain from was bought by another company, who was then bought by Google.  After talking to a gazillion people from various departments, and resetting 400 passwords, I ended up having to wait for my domain to become available to purchase again and then went with another company and got it for 2 years.  Perhaps I should have purchased it for 10 years.  ??   I never want to go through this mess again.  

I also moved at the end of February, but wasn't planning to just happened.  My lease was expiring in March, so my old apt complex decided they wanted to remodel my unit and if I wanted to stay in the complex, it would cost me an extra $300 a month in another remodeled unit.  That's $3600 a additional square footage, just fresh paint, countertops, and flooring.  It wasn't worth it to me, so at first I was looking at buying a condo.  I only had a very short window to buy and there wasn't much on the market in the winter, so I ended up at another apt complex.  At first I wasn't too excited about my new place, but it is starting to feel more like home everyday.  One thing I really love is the stillness here.  It is so peacefully quiet.  In the old complex, I was right off a major hwy and a very busy area with lots of new contruction all around, so there was constant noise.  I never noticed how loud it was or just how distracting it could be until I got in my new place.  I am a peace lover.  I love balance.   I'm a true Libra.   : )

In other news...The Heart Series is still going, but very snail slow.  Due to the move and busyness of life, I haven't worked on artsy stuff much, but I have been compiling ideas so I'm gearing up for great things.  

My old website has a lot of info and articles.  I haven't decided if I want to move all of the content over to this website just yet.

My goal is to do weekly posts/updates going forward, so more info coming soon!