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Visual Evangelization

The following text is from a document I created for my patrons... What is Visual Evangelization? Short answer: Visual Evangelization is the use of imagery to communicate various spiritual themes and/or truths to the viewer to help initiate a contemplation of the things of God in order to promote conversion or a deeper walk with the Lord. Long Answer: Father God designed us to be visual learners and throughout art history, artists have used shapes, forms, symbols and colors to communicate with their audience/viewers. Regardless if it was for inspirational, educational, or recreational purposes, artists have used visual communications to teach, inform, or entertain their audience. Visual communication is a powerful tool in the hand of an artist. They can inspire greatness or promote malevolence to a viewer by how they visualize their thoughts on various subjects. When the Gospel is considered, there are many ways to represent spiritual truths. Some artists are more literal in the interpr

Christian Art & Artists

If you are a Christian artist, I hope that this personal experience will encourage you to persevere with your talents no matter what. Setting the scene.... When I was a baby in Christ (summer of 1997) I took an advanced drawing class up at school (Drawing III). At the time, I was so new to Christianity and every aspect of my life (thinking, believing and behavior) was changing at almost break-neck a result, all of these changes were starting to show up in my artwork. The Drawing III studio class was a 6 hour Saturday class that I took in addition to a full school schedule and working full time. Due to time constraints, I was only able to work on my artwork during the weekly 6 hour studio class time, which proved a lot to me as time went by. At the onset of the semester, my instructor, Yvonne, separated me from the rest of the class and I worked in an empty studio across the hall from everybody else. After 3 weeks, she started the habit/routine of coming in to look at my work