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Eliminate Creative Droughts

For artists, fresh ideas are the cornerstones of our creative lifestyles, passions, and work. If I had a dime for every time I heard an artist say “I’m in a creative rut,” I would be a Zillionaire!! How is it that creatives like us find ourselves uttering these words? Is it because the well REALLY does run dry at times? OR, could it be that we need to visit different wells frequently to make sure that none of our resources get depleted in the first place??? How can we keep the creative juices flowing? Well, we could tuck our ideas away and save them…… When you have a creative idea, or an “AHA!!!” moment, document it and be diligent to keep track of your ideas for future reference. (What good is a great idea if you forget it because you were busy at the store buying some hot pockets?) Keep a special notebook, sketchbook, or handheld recorder with you at all times so that it’s easy to record your inspirations as they come. If you’re the type that draws on scraps of paper here and there (