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The Abstract Series

The Abstract Series was started in midwinter of 2006. I consider the Abstract Series to be a forerunner to the Grid and Genesis Series. This group of textured paintings was the first to be created using Golden Heavy Gel in order to form peaks and texture on the canvas. Once the gel dried, various colors were glazed over each other, resulting in 5+ layers of paint in order to achieve maximum vibrancy for each painting. As far as an actual theme goes, my sole purpose in creating this series was for experimental reasons so that I could learn a new application technique and use that knowledge in future works.

The Grid Series

The Grid Series was initiated in the early spring of 2006 while I was still working on the Abstract series. I consider both of these series to be forerunners to the Genesis Series. The theme of the paintings in this group were inspired by light and energy intersected by lines. This was to cause visual “static” and communicate the effects of gridlock. Example: When we get going in a direction, we are charged up and excited about it and can’t wait to reach our goal or destination, but if the road turns sharply or dead ends, we have to take a turn and go with it or go in another direction altogether.   All of the paintings in the Grid series consist of a textured under-painting, followed by various colors glazed over each other, resulting in 5+ layers of paint to achieve maximum vibrancy.


The painting ‘Fractured’ began in December of 2007 as a part of the set for the Christmas Production at Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX. The final touches to the painting were completed in January of 2008. The scene that ‘Fractured’ was created for was the living room of a couple whose marriage was on the rocks because they were having difficulty conceiving. The set that was designed for them was done in black and white to convey the lifelessness of their relationship. As a result of their struggles, they had a lot of shame, blame and conflict. It was as if their relationship was being shattered and the shards of their lives were being scattered all around them. It wasn’t until they came to a place of brokenness in their lives and having their faith renewed, that they were able to reconnect and have peace & love restored to their marriage.

The Genesis Series

The Genesis series has been initiated to honor the handiwork of God in His creation. It is the largest painting series that I have yet to produce and will consist of 50 paintings when it is completed. (There are 50 chapters in the book of Genesis.) Before starting this series, I did research on the book of Genesis, which was life altering. My particular interest and focus for the Genesis series is on the molecular level of creation and how Father God designed these tiny particles to come together in the formation of other things. When I think of creation, I am overwhelmed by the passion and attention to detail that Father God invested in us and our surroundings. To briefly sum up this painting series, I have listed some thoughts and key words that have flooded my heart and mind when I contemplate God's hand in motion, putting everything together so magnificently. A void has been filled and light has pierced the darkness. The expanse of the sky has been created. Land ha