The Genesis Series

The Genesis series has been initiated to honor the handiwork of God in His creation. It is the largest painting series that I have yet to produce and will consist of 50 paintings when it is completed. (There are 50 chapters in the book of Genesis.)
Before starting this series, I did research on the book of Genesis, which was life altering. My particular interest and focus for the Genesis series is on the molecular level of creation and how Father God designed these tiny particles to come together in the formation of other things.

When I think of creation, I am overwhelmed by the passion and attention to detail that Father God invested in us and our surroundings. To briefly sum up this painting series, I have listed some thoughts and key words that have flooded my heart and mind when I contemplate God's hand in motion, putting everything together so magnificently.

A void has been filled and light has pierced the darkness. The expanse of the sky has been created. Land has been formed and has gathered the waters together, while bringing forth vegetation as He willed it to do so. The sun, moon and stars were formed and set in place to shed light upon the earth in order to govern the night and the day. Sea life has been created to teem the waters, birds to spread their wings in the skies and animals to roam across the land. The crowning moment of Creation was the making of man. He was formed from the dust of the earth, in the image of his Creator, and given the very breath of life from his loving God. After all of His work was completed, Father God looked upon it and proclaimed "it is very good." (Genesis Chapter 1)

In the Genesis series, some paintings have a more "refined" composition while others illustrate a more "raw" look at creation in motion. The following key words, in addition to the brief Genesis summation listed above, are utilized in the creative process for this series.

Creation of atoms and molecules
Particles and atoms churning
Formation of molecular structures
Cellular division and multiplication
Energy ebbing & flowing
Flesh and bone


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