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4/27/10 Painting Session

The painting session was a little shorter today than usual. I'm going to be dog sitting tomorrow night, so when I got home from work a few hours ago, I thought that I should try to get a few glazes on these little paintings in between packing up all my stuff. I hope to get behind the easel on Thursday night when I get back home, but it will depend on how much energy I have.

4/25/10 Painting Session

I had a VERY productive day today. In addition to the paintings above, I have 5 others in progress. Most of these paintings are going to be abstractions, but 5 of them will be surrealistically styled landscapes. All of these paintings are small: 5x7, 8x10 and one 9x12. I still haven't gotten around to doing those sketches yet, but I think I'm going to do that this Tuesday after work so that I'll have them ready once the skies are finished on the landscape pieces.

4/23/10 Painting Session

Well, I finished up these 2 today (The pic isn't that great) and worked on several others that I have in progress. I'll take pics of those tomorrow. Right now, I'm waiting for my brother and his family to come over. They are going to spend the afternoon with me and we're going to try to "fix" the painting rack I put together on Wednesday's just a little too wobbly. (sp?) Anyways, I'm not much of a woodworker/craftswoman, so I'm really surprised that it's standing to be honest. :)

Protecting Your Art....A How To Guide

Recently, I was at an outdoor show and it started to rain and with that rain came a little wind, so you know what happened, right?   One of the my larger paintings fell over and hit the ground. When I inspected the piece, I discovered a nick/ding on the edge of the painting…ouch!    A well meaning friend said “that’s teeny tiny, you can just paint over that.”  But the fact is, I can’t, it was chipped off down to the gesso and there’s about 7 layers of paint that made up that sky color. So what’s an artist to do??   Well, as we were packing up our things later that day, I paid special attention to how other artists were transporting their precious cargo and noted the following: One was using old blankets and large beach towels to wrap around his art. One was using fabric sleeves he had sewn to put his art in. One was using bubble wrap sleeves for his large photo prints. I researched the bubble wrap sleeves early last year, and they can be pretty costly if you’re on a tight budget, so th

4/18/10 Painting Session

These 3 Band paintings were completed today. They won't be uploaded to the website for a while...I have a lot of little paintings that need to be put on the web, so I'll need to check into getting that done soon. These little 5x7 paintings are a lot fun to do color experiments with. The gold underpainting and thin color washes are so little cheap camera doesn't do them justice. : ( I also started 7 new paintings today. YAY!! 5 of the smaller ones will be band paintings, similar to the ones above. The other small canvas and the 8x10 will be in the Grid series. I got a lot done today, but I still haven't gotten around to doing more sketches yet. I'm hoping to get that done this week sometime.

4/15/10 Painting Session

Tonight I got several glazes/layers done.... The painting on the far left of the pic is a mini Grid painting that I finished up tonight. The little Band paintings aren't photographing very well, but I typically have this problem when I use the irridescent gold underpainting. In person, the paintings are so rich...they gleam/shimmer, but on camera they just have a lot of glare. Anyways, I'm happy with how they are turning out so far. I should only have about 1 hour left on each of them, so I'll be finishing them up over the weekend. (YAY!!) I still haven't gotten around to doing more sketches yet, but I should have time this weekend. Maybe I'll photograph the sketches and put them on the blog. ????


Well, tonight I decided to do my taxes since it has to be post marked on 4/15. Since I had to pay in a little bit, I wanted to wait till the very last minute to file. I guess I need to get with my HR dept and make a few changes so that I won't have this issue next year. Last night marked the end of the Women's Bible Study I was doing at church. I really enjoyed the insight & wisdom the ladies brought to the weekly discussions; I've been thoroughly blessed. I don't know if I'll be starting a new study any time soon or doing one solo. I'll have to see how God leads me in the next week or so. I'll be painting tomorrow night and will post a pic or two, but now it's time to catch some zzzzz's...taxes are tiring!

Little Band Paintings

Here are my little commission pieces. Yesterday, I concentrated on getting the underpaintings done, which consisted of 3 layers of irridescent gold paint, see the pic on the left, followed by the purple scratch outs. Today, I started doing the color washes. Upon completion, they are to be purple/blue, red, and teal. Tomorrow night will be my last night at Bible study for a while, so I'll work on these little guys (5x7) again on Wednesday, so more pics coming soon!! I also plan to do some sketching this week, because I have some larger canvases that are ready to go! I'm going to try to post as often as possible, but having a day job can make it difficult to come home and work at night. I hope to paint fulltime asap, so I'm gearing up and documenting my journey this season. Most of my previous posts have been edited thoroughly, but now that I'm going to be posting more often about my paint process during the week, there may be typos from time to time. If you see something

Deep Ellum Art Festival

Last weekend, 4/02-4/04, I participated in my first major art festival...The Deep Ellum Art Fest. When I was invited to share a booth with Essie Graham and Scott Dorn , I jumped at the chance not knowing what to expect. It's been a week since the fest, so I thought now would be a good time to record my thoughts. First of all, it was A LOT OF WORK just getting ready prior to the Fest...making sure I had all of my info packs ready, paintings photographed, and all the knick knacks packed that we might need. The day of set up was exhausting. We lovingly referred to our booth as the Ghetto Booth because this was our first time to do a big show like this and our funds were low...we could only afford the bare essentials. Humble beginnings are great because it leaves so much room for future growth and expansion...exciting times!!! It wasn't until noonish on the 2nd day that I really started to enjoy the event and from there things just got better and better as my setup exhaustion fro