Little Band Paintings

Here are my little commission pieces. Yesterday, I concentrated on getting the underpaintings done, which consisted of 3 layers of irridescent gold paint, see the pic on the left, followed by the purple scratch outs. Today, I started doing the color washes. Upon completion, they are to be purple/blue, red, and teal. Tomorrow night will be my last night at Bible study for a while, so I'll work on these little guys (5x7) again on Wednesday, so more pics coming soon!! I also plan to do some sketching this week, because I have some larger canvases that are ready to go!

I'm going to try to post as often as possible, but having a day job can make it difficult to come home and work at night. I hope to paint fulltime asap, so I'm gearing up and documenting my journey this season. Most of my previous posts have been edited thoroughly, but now that I'm going to be posting more often about my paint process during the week, there may be typos from time to time. If you see something glaringly wrong, please let me know!


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