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5/31 Skies & Sketches

I've been learning more about the benefits of patience today. In the past, I have rushed into paintings and then when things didn't go right later on in the painting process (because of poor pre-planning), I would get upset and ditch the artwork or paint over it. So what am I doing different now you ask? Well, for starters, I decided to take more time to during the concept development and sketching stages and not go with the first few "AHA" ideas, but push them further and sleep on them. In the past, the excitement of a new idea or theme got the best of me and I would jump right in, but today is a NEW Day and I will have 4-6 art sessions (3-4 hours each) of doing nothing but sketching and getting my skies ready, so that my compositions can be stronger for the paintings that I plan to do this summer. YAY!!! More on patience....The skies take a while to get ready because they each consist of 4-8 layers of paint to get the peaceful look I like best, so I have to be

5/30 Painting Session

***I'll be painting LIVE and displaying art on 6/05 at Chase Oaks Church*** Art Where You Live (A Coffee House & Art Event) Location: Chase Oaks Church, Plano (Off of Legacy close to 75) Time: 7-10PM Saturday, June 5th It's been a Busy, Busy, Busy day! I finished up the Thorns & Thistles series today (for the time being) and will be diving into the desertscapes tomorrow. YAY!!!! I'm excited!! I found another great (and free) theology resource today: the teachings of S. Lewis Johnson Jr (A conservative evangelical pastor and theologian who taught for many years at Dallas Theological Seminary.) I started listening to the Christology section today during my painting session....Wonderful info; check it out!

RELAX & Painting With Music...

This week has been a slow week, artistically speaking. I painted on Monday & Tuesday, but decided to take a last night off and relax. Relaxing is awesome once I'm able to turn off that voice in my head that says "you should be working on something...not just sitting watching tv." Isn't that always the case? Something ALWAYS needs to be done, but taking one night off (4 hours) a week won't kill me...if anything, it will help me. I was asked the other day what kind of music I listen to while painting, so I think now is a good time to talk about that here. During every painting session I will tune into The Word (Christian Talk Radio) for a while, then KLTY (Christian Music), I will also get into to my CD collection (mostly Praise & Worship & Joyce Meyers) and then listen to different books of the Bible on CD. This helps me to learn, stay up with current events, and get inspired while I work. Definitely a Win/Win situation for me! I never paint in silen

5/24/10 Painting Bonanaza!

Tonight was a great painting night... After work, I had a lot of energy to get in several more glazes on these Thorns & Thistles paintings. Once these are completed, I'll put the series on hold so that I can move into the surrealistically styled works for a while, but I'm sure I'll make exceptions with a few abstractions here and there.

5/23/10 Painting Session

The past week has been very busy with work and getting ready for a show, so I haven't been able to paint or post as much as I would like to do, but today is different! Today I was able to get a lot of work done. I'm really enjoying the Thorns & Thistles series and watching the paintings develop as I go along. That's probably the best part about working in a series...seeing the growth of the theme and enjoying the journey in the process. The paintings above and below are almost completed. They will be getting their final clear coats tonight and tomorrow. I still have about 6 others in progress that I'm planning to finish up by the end of the week, so more posts and pics to come.

5/09/10 Painting Session

I was able to finish up the 3 paintings above today and got some work done on a couple of others. I still haven't done those sketches that are in my head yet, but I may get a chance to do that this evening before bed. ???? It's been a busy weekend and in between the madness, I've been trying to think of what paintings I want to take with me to the show next weekend...Hmmm...??? I finally have a name (theme) for this series of 5x7 paintings: Thorns & Thistles. I will do my synopsis on the theme sometime this week and post it.

5/07/10 Update

I will be producing Art Love Magic’s Art & Coffee at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum tonight, so a lot of my time and focus has been directed towards that this week. I have had some time to paint here and there, but I probably won’t have photos to share until Sunday evening. This is such an exciting season for me both spiritually and artistically. I’ve been blessed with a lot zeal and growth in each area. The result is that I have many ideas for the surrealistically styled-religious themed landscapes, so I’m eager to get started on what will be my primary focus this summer. Woohoo!!!! Upcoming Shows: I will be at Lakewood Stock on 5/16 from 12-8pm and the Cedar Springs Rd Sidewalk Sale on 5/22 from 10am-5pm. On 5/16, I’ll be sharing a booth with Scott Dorn & Essie Graham. On 5/22, I’ll be sharing a larger booth with Scott, Essie, and Glenda Williams. (You can see their work by visiting their link under the Cool Websites on the right side of the blog.) If you’re able, please sto

My Fabulous Painting Rack

HOW in world have I lived so long without a painting rack? In less than 2 weeks, this piece of organizational heaven has revolutionized my studio space. Amazing, just amazing!! I have had several semi-completed paintings stuck here and there, so it helps me to protect them from nicks and scratches, plus I'm able to see what needs to get stays in my face and I need that to keep me on target. Right now, I use the top 3 slots of the rack to store the small paintings while they dry on MDF boards, but I may increase that to 4 if I start another small painting series. The painting rack was made out of a baby bed that we took apart after visiting this website . We did make a few adjustments. Instead of 24in slats, I used 20in slats. We also added a 2ft brace to each side for stability. ****A special thanks to my little brother Michael for helping me put this thing together...ok, he pretty much built it by himself, but I handed him the screws. : )

5/02/10 Painting Session

Today was a BUSY day!! I went to the Cottonwood Art Fest with my buddy Sheri Poston from church. Afterwards, we went to an art show reception in Irving where my great friend and Sista Gurl Glenda Williams won Best of Show !!!! YAY Glenda !!!! She's been working very hard the past year adding to her body of work and has some stunning can see her work by clicking HERE . The four paintings pictured above were finished today. (My little camera doesn't take the best pictures, so you'll have to trust me that the colors are rich.) I have 4 more little paintings to finish, but still don't have a clue what to call this series yet... Hopefully, I'll be able to start those surrealistic sketches this week so that I can get going on the other 5 paintings that I almost have the skies done on.

5/01/10 Painting Session

I finished these 3 today and got a lot of work done on 6 others that I didn't take pics of. I'm not sure what to call these little paintings just yet...hmmm...