My Fabulous Painting Rack

HOW in world have I lived so long without a painting rack? In less than 2 weeks, this piece of organizational heaven has revolutionized my studio space. Amazing, just amazing!! I have had several semi-completed paintings stuck here and there, so it helps me to protect them from nicks and scratches, plus I'm able to see what needs to get stays in my face and I need that to keep me on target. Right now, I use the top 3 slots of the rack to store the small paintings while they dry on MDF boards, but I may increase that to 4 if I start another small painting series.

The painting rack was made out of a baby bed that we took apart after visiting this website. We did make a few adjustments. Instead of 24in slats, I used 20in slats. We also added a 2ft brace to each side for stability. ****A special thanks to my little brother Michael for helping me put this thing together...ok, he pretty much built it by himself, but I handed him the screws. : )


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