5/30 Painting Session

***I'll be painting LIVE and displaying art on 6/05 at Chase Oaks Church***

Art Where You Live (A Coffee House & Art Event)
Location: Chase Oaks Church, Plano (Off of Legacy close to 75)
Time: 7-10PM Saturday, June 5th

It's been a Busy, Busy, Busy day! I finished up the Thorns & Thistles series today (for the time being) and will be diving into the desertscapes tomorrow. YAY!!!! I'm excited!!
I found another great (and free) theology resource today: the teachings of S. Lewis Johnson Jr (A conservative evangelical pastor and theologian who taught for many years at Dallas Theological Seminary.) I started listening to the Christology section today during my painting session....Wonderful info; check it out!


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