5/31 Skies & Sketches

I've been learning more about the benefits of patience today. In the past, I have rushed into paintings and then when things didn't go right later on in the painting process (because of poor pre-planning), I would get upset and ditch the artwork or paint over it. So what am I doing different now you ask? Well, for starters, I decided to take more time to during the concept development and sketching stages and not go with the first few "AHA" ideas, but push them further and sleep on them. In the past, the excitement of a new idea or theme got the best of me and I would jump right in, but today is a NEW Day and I will have 4-6 art sessions (3-4 hours each) of doing nothing but sketching and getting my skies ready, so that my compositions can be stronger for the paintings that I plan to do this summer. YAY!!!
More on patience....The skies take a while to get ready because they each consist of 4-8 layers of paint to get the peaceful look I like best, so I have to be patient with those as well while they are developing...layer by layer by layer by layer by layer...and on it goes.

Another new thing for me to do is to post sketches. These are very rough, but it's a good start and I'm looking forward to the next group of sketches. (Please pardon the bad camera shots...I guess you know what's on my Christmas list, huh?)


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