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6/29 Painting Bonanza

Still working on these paintings for the upcoming "girlsShow 2010" and hoping to get everything done by the end of this weekend. I need to put in the thorns & thistles and symbols, so I'll probably start doing that tomorrow night. BUT, if I'm tired like I am tonight, my line quality won't be that good, so I may need to wait till Thursday. My goal is to get to bed early and recharge my battery some tonight.

6/26 Paint-a-thon

Image was a long day in the studio today!! For as long as I worked, the before and after pics don't show that a whole lot got done, but major progress was made. I will be able to finish up several of these in the next 2 days and then start focusing in on the smaller wooden paintings that will have some of my NuArt symbols/ imagery in them. The next show will be on 7/10, so I have to be done with all of my painting by next Saturday night so that everything is thoroughly dried. It normally takes a week for my paintings dry, so that last week leading up to a show is spent naming the new paintings, updating my art catalog, photographing the new paintings, getting my show inventory list done, making price tags, pulling out the show setup gear and getting some much needed rest....if possible.

6/22 Painting Session

Introducing the NuArt Minis...these little paintings (2.5in x 3.5in) are the first in a new series that was started to create smaller price point paintings for sale at the artfests and such. All NuArt Minis will be 5in x 5in or smaller and will vary in design. Since they are so small and I will be doing quite a lot of them, I've decided not to post them to the regular website, but I will have them with me at the art shows. I think the price will be $9.00 each, but I haven't finalized that just yet. ??? Here is a new set of Minis in the making along with a few other Thorns & Thistles...

Just To Share A Little...

This week I plan to get back into the habit of posting pics of my works while in they're in the creative process. Things have gotten so busy, but I need to continue with the discipline of recording my journey so that I can look back and see the distance that has been traveled. This year has been incredible for me…artistically speaking. I’ve been so blessed to participate in several shows, some large and small, but all of them have been awesome in their own way. This past week in particular has been super busy…I had 2 small showings and I’m getting ready for a larger show with ALM (girlShow) in July. As a result of all these opportunities, a demand for changes in my life, art and art processes has arrived too. Since I’m learning as I go, I wanted to share a little of my journey with you. ** The Recession – has helped me to get out of the box by working a little smaller than usual in order to produce less expensive artworks for patrons who are being more cautious with their budgets.

Today & Beyond

Today, I'm recouperating from the Art Where You Live show at Chase Oaks Church last night. Justin Nygren was our producer and we had a great time with a pretty good turnout. I'm very thankful to be asked to be a part of the event and having the opportunity to show my work and get a little bit more experience under my art hat. I sold 3 small paintings out of the Thorns & Thistles series, so I'm very happy about that too! What's coming up next? I'll be creating live and displaying art work on July 10th at the Art Love Magic girlShow .