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The Sketching Continues...

I'm still working on the desertscape sketches and for the first time in a long time, I'm enjoying this part of the creative process.  Sometimes, it's so tempting for me to rush into a new a painting or series without slowing down long enough savor this crucial stage....I'm so very thankful for this particular season in my art career; Jesus is certainly teaching me a lot.    : ) More sketches coming in a couple of days.....

Working Out The Kinks...

This week I've been working on sketches and starting some "study" paintings for the next group of desertscapes.  A couple of the rough sketches are below, but I'm just taking my time to work on the compositions so that they can get stronger before I commit to larger canvases.          I also have about 27 other NuArt Minis that I will be working on for the next couple of months, so I'll have 50 in that series when it's completed.   

This week...

Has been slow too...just like last week, but that's ok....I guess my creative battery is charging up.      :)    I've been getting ready to dive back into to desertscapes, but I'm having issues with the compositions.  Tonight, I plan to get some sketches done so that I can move forward with things this weekend.     

This Week...

Has been very slow...after girlShow last week, I've felt the need/urge to switch directions a bit and focus on the surrealistically styled works.  I've also been finishing up several NuArt Minis, so they will be added tomorrow.       : )

Recovering After girlShow 2010

WOW ...I'm always amazed at the amount of energy it takes to do a show and how much rest is needed afterwards.  This years girlShow was a 2 night affair with different artists and lineups each night.  On Friday night I assisted with entrance fees at the front door for most of the night and then participated as an artist on Saturday (7/10).  I was able to get my table set up next to a wall in a fair amount of time and think that there was less pre show/set up stress than I'm used to.  A dear art buddy, Curtis Fesser, was my helper for the evening and he graciously assisted me with carrying everything in, watched the table when I would take a break and helped with the tear down, so I'm pretty sure that's the reason I was less anxious.  Thank you Curtis!!  : )    I enjoyed seeing all my creative sisters doing their thing, listening to some good music and selling a few paintings.  To recouperate today, I met for lunch with some friends from church and will be taking it easy

It's Almost Show Time!!!

I'll be creating live and displaying art work on July 10th at the Art Love Magic girlShow from 8pm till midnight.          WooHoo!!!         You can find out more about it here: .  I'll posting pics from the show on Sunday....when I'm back home recovering from the AWESOME time we're about to have.... come out and join us!!

Synopsis: Thorns & Thistles

This abstract painting series was initiated in early spring 2010 as a result of a commission request for more paintings in the Band Series. (The point of interest in the Band Series is the way the “band” was painted.  A lot of retarder was used to slow the dying process so that the paint could be “scratched” away from the band area, thus bringing the under-painting to the forefront again. This gave the painting a very unique depth and texture. ) As I was starting more Band paintings, I decided to change my technique up a little, which resulted in a thorny/prickly look. I really liked the new textured look and decided to develop the theme a bit further: the purpose of thorns in nature, common reference of thorns as something that must be endured and Christ’ Crown of Thorns. • Thorns in nature are protective mechanisms found on plants to keep humans, animals and insects at bay in order to guard itself, its fruit or its flower. (Roses, Cacti, etc.) • The phrase “thorn in my side” is used

7/05 Painting Session

Today was very productive.....I was able to finish up all of the NuArt Minis and the remaining Thorns & Thistles.  Tomorrow I'll be putting everything into my painting catalog, so I'll post how many paintings were created in each series.       This evening, I'm just posting the NuArt Minis #12-23.  

7/03 Painting Session

It's been a rainy day today, but I was able to get a lot done, even though I had to fight the urge to go and take a nap several times today.  Here are some little NuArt Minis that were finished this evening....they're so cute. (I can't believe I just said that about my own art...)