Synopsis: Thorns & Thistles

This abstract painting series was initiated in early spring 2010 as a result of a commission request for more paintings in the Band Series.

(The point of interest in the Band Series is the way the “band” was painted.  A lot of retarder was used to slow the dying process so that the paint could be “scratched” away from the band area, thus bringing the under-painting to the forefront again. This gave the painting a very unique depth and texture. )

As I was starting more Band paintings, I decided to change my technique up a little, which resulted in a thorny/prickly look. I really liked the new textured look and decided to develop the theme a bit further: the purpose of thorns in nature, common reference of thorns as something that must be endured and Christ’ Crown of Thorns.

• Thorns in nature are protective mechanisms found on plants to keep humans, animals and insects at bay in order to guard itself, its fruit or its flower. (Roses, Cacti, etc.)

• The phrase “thorn in my side” is used often to describe a painful situation or constant nuisance. The Apostle Paul mentioned it in reference to an issue/ailment that he had, which was not removed after prayer. This thorn in the side served as a reminder to Paul that God’s grace was enough in addition to keeping him humble. (For more info, please see 2 Cor 12:1-10)

• Christ’s Crown of Thorns was given to Him by the Roman soldiers whose purpose was to mock Him and humiliate Him after they had already beaten Him severely. Over the course of human history, the Crown of Thorns became a symbol of Jesus' suffering upon the Cross for the sake of humanity’s salvation.


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