Working Out The Kinks...

This week I've been working on sketches and starting some "study" paintings for the next group of desertscapes.  A couple of the rough sketches are below, but I'm just taking my time to work on the compositions so that they can get stronger before I commit to larger canvases. 


I also have about 27 other NuArt Minis that I will be working on for the next couple of months, so I'll have 50 in that series when it's completed.   


  1. Yes! These look promising...
    Love the composition in the second one. Great direction in slants.
    And the story in the third one is always powerful...

  2. Thanks DJ!!

    Tonight I plan to work on the sketches more so that I can focus on painting this weekend. Right now, all of the new paintings are on the small side (11x14 and smaller).


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