Recovering After girlShow 2010

WOW...I'm always amazed at the amount of energy it takes to do a show and how much rest is needed afterwards.  This years girlShow was a 2 night affair with different artists and lineups each night.  On Friday night I assisted with entrance fees at the front door for most of the night and then participated as an artist on Saturday (7/10).  I was able to get my table set up next to a wall in a fair amount of time and think that there was less pre show/set up stress than I'm used to.  A dear art buddy, Curtis Fesser, was my helper for the evening and he graciously assisted me with carrying everything in, watched the table when I would take a break and helped with the tear down, so I'm pretty sure that's the reason I was less anxious.  Thank you Curtis!!  : )   

I enjoyed seeing all my creative sisters doing their thing, listening to some good music and selling a few paintings.  To recouperate today, I met for lunch with some friends from church and will be taking it easy for the rest of the night, but tomorrow I'll start working on new paintings for future shows.   : )  

Here's a pic of my table before the show started:


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