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2 Completed Paintings!

I finished up two of my "Quiet Mesa" study paintings today.  They are both 8x10 and will be $60.00 each.

And The Painting Continues...

Well, I’ve been slacking off on posts here lately, but I’ve been busy painting.  There are several 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 in progress right now, but I only put two pics below.   I wish I could complete a painting a day, but since I work in multiple layers, it takes quite a bit of time to build up the desertscapes.  Thankfully, I enjoy the process and every now and then can improve on the technique to help speed up the painting process.    : )  

Painting Session 8/13

These are a few of the small paintings I have going right now.  I'm enjoying the journey and loving the process.  : )

8/10 Painting Session

Tonight I did more painting on my little "Peaceful Mesa" study.  I think I'll do a few studies on this particular theme/image to experiment with different color combos, but we'll see how things go with this one in the next few days.      I just got my new light tent yesterday to help me take better pics of the art.  The light tent works by diffusing the light and evenly distributing it so that glares and shadows are reduced.    I LOVE IT!!   (See the pics below)    If you're an artist and are looking for a good buy, I got my 24 x 24 in. Cowboy Studio light tent through Amazon at a pretty good low price.    :)

Painting Session 8/05

I'm back in the saddle again...Just started another desertscape series this week, so I'll be journaling my progress here a few times during the week.