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Heading West....soon!

Next Friday, I will be going on a much anticipated trip to New Mexico!!   YAY!!    My aunt and I are planning to spend a couple of days in Taos and then 5 days in the Santa Fe area.    I can hardly wait….it’s been 7 years since I’ve been out there, so I’m past due on the fabulous scenery and art of the Southwest.    My goal for this trip is to: take a lot of pics for photo references, visit new areas for visual inspiration for the desertscape series, make some new business contacts, and get a little spiritually refreshed.   The downside to vacations is that prior to leaving and after returning, things are so hectic.   I’ve been working 10+ hour days at work just trying to get my head above water, so I’m hoping that my desk won’t look like Hiroshima when I get back.   All of this extra work at my day job for the past few weeks has really gotten me tired and I certainly don’t feel like painting much.   PLUS, I'm producing a small art show tomorrow night at It's A Grind that I'


After several years of focusing on abstract works, I finally got back into my desertscapes in 2010.  The last major desertscape I finished was "Perserverence" back in 2007.  This year, I started working on some "studies" for a new desertscape series and the process has been very interesting.  I've found that it's similar to learning how to ride a bike again....I'm having to refresh myself on spacial/aerial perspective, composition and color combos and it's weird for me, because I remember it being much easier.    Hmmm...     Anyways, as I'm pushing forward, I'm noticing some other things too.  In the past week, I've been working to abstract the land a little bit more and it's exciting to see the development.  I'm planning to stay in this "desertscape" mode for a while and develop it further.    Here are the latest pics of the paintings in progress:


(Did you catch my take on the old Wendy's commercial??     I loved that back in the day...)    I’ve been seriously slacking on the posts here lately, Huh?      My plans to are to get in some painting time on 9/22 and post some pics to share the process…more coming soon!

3 New Paintings started...

It was a busy Labor Day weekend for me.    : )   Here are few newbies I'm working on:

Sneak Peek: Loteria Pine #49

Next Saturday, on Sept 11, I'll be showing this painting along with several other artists at Pearl At Commerce for Loteria, the Art of Chance show.  All paintings are 16 x 20 and will be priced for $50 each, so talk about a great deal to get artwork from local artists...Awesome!!    Here's my painting: Addtional Info:  Join us for an evening of art and fun based on the Mexican bingo game, Loteria. Over 25 artists will be participating in an evening of live local music, art and a game of chance.  $5.00 cover includes 1 Loteria bingo card and a chance to win some great prizes donated by House of Smash and other artists.  The show starts at 8pm and closes at 1am and is located at 2038 Commerce Street in Downtown Dallas.   Please remember to bring some quarters in case you have to use a meter or cash for the parking lots nearby.

Make Art Purchasing Easier For Patrons

I'm currently getting a group of artists ready for a small art festival type show with Art Love Magic  on 10/01/10 and I sent the following info to them today about making things easier on buyers, so I wanted to put it out here as well.  Having a webpresence is so important for all artists to help increase sales.   For those who don't have websites and want to put one together quickly and for Free, please read this blog:   by Alyson Stansfield.      IF you already have a website or Facebook page, please read this blog to make sure that you're providing all the info you need.  The only thing I would add to it is this: if the artwork is already sold, please list it as sold. If the artwork is for sale, please list the price and an easy way for a potential buyer to contact you. When showing at art festivals and such, let's promote happy patrons and make buying easy for them. 1. Don't make them guess about the price.