After several years of focusing on abstract works, I finally got back into my desertscapes in 2010.  The last major desertscape I finished was "Perserverence" back in 2007.  This year, I started working on some "studies" for a new desertscape series and the process has been very interesting.  I've found that it's similar to learning how to ride a bike again....I'm having to refresh myself on spacial/aerial perspective, composition and color combos and it's weird for me, because I remember it being much easier.    Hmmm...     Anyways, as I'm pushing forward, I'm noticing some other things too.  In the past week, I've been working to abstract the land a little bit more and it's exciting to see the development.  I'm planning to stay in this "desertscape" mode for a while and develop it further.    Here are the latest pics of the paintings in progress:


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