Still Slow To Post

I was able to get a lot done on my NuArt Minis over my 3 day weekend paint-a-thon.  The color washes will be done this coming weekend and then they'll get their final clear coats.  I was planning to sell them for $20.00 each, but after paying special attention to my time and materials, I think that I'll will balance out at $25.00 each.  So while the NuArt minis are not a big money maker, they do accomplish a few things:

1) I'm able to spend time doing what I enjoy and hone my visual communication skills.
2) I get to challenge myself by working on a much smaller scale than usual.
3) I'm able to offer smaller price point original paintings to buyers that may not be able to buy larger, more expensive paintings at this time. 

A Win-Win situation!!        : )

After the current batch of NuArt Minis are completed, I'll post the pics to the blog.


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