Christmas and More...

I love Christmas!!      I had so much fun spending time with my family...we had dinner, shared gifts, played games and laughed a lot...simply fabulous!!  The only glitch I can think of was that I left my camera at home on the counter.       This year, I ran around like a mad woman trying to tie up loose ends with my gift giving, so all of that craziness has helped me to think up another way to do my Christmas shopping/wrapping for next year.      : )    

Today is the first day to get back into gear for NuArt .     I have lots on my "to do" list, so I need to get moving!!   One of the items I was able to complete today has to do with the little orange box on this blog that people can use to sign up for the NuArt E-Newsletter.  (If you have never received an E-Update from me, please sign up!)   Another item on my list was to upload a few photos of recently completed NuArt here they are:


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