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President's Day Is Coming Whazzup!

Here's what's going on in my neck of the woods: This coming weekend will be a 3 day create–a–thon at the NuArt Studio....I’m so excited!!     T he first thing I’ll be tending to this weekend is re-working some old sketches and blocking in backgrounds on some 8x10 and 9x12 canvases.  - I’m really enjoying the concept development and sketching period more and more these days, so I’m very happy with that change.  I used to be very impatient and just jump into paintings…slinging on the paint and then wishing that I had thought things through a little more beforehand.   The remainder of the weekend will be spent reading, and just piddling around I guess, but I should be able to post some pics here and there as I go. I don’t have any shows planned till May, so I want to use the next 2 months as a special time of painting, preparation and keeping the blog up to date a little more.          : ) I recently started a new Bible study where we are learning the Hebraic background of scriptu

Desertscape Series Image Synopsis

This group of small paintings was initiated to help me with my compositional layouts for future surrealistically styled works.  (Most of these paintings are 9 x12 and smaller.)  When I sketch, it’s just black and white line sketches, so these smaller paintings help me to explore different color combos and land placement, as well as, define the themes a little more.  When considering various themes, I focus on the overall mood, which is peaceful and calm, so I tend to shy away from turbulent skies and a lot of “action” taking place in the painting. For the figures, I’ll choose: 1) One or two figures either wandering around in the desert trying to determine the best path OR 2) A person lying down at rest. (Recouping after a long journey, healing after a hurt, or dreaming) OR 3) A figure sitting prayerfully at the foot of a cross, viewing a cross at a distance or just a simple cross in the desert, which can be used to help communicate: • The peacefulness of focusing on Jesus’ presence in

New Paintings

Here are few new paintings that were completed this week: They are all 8x10 and will be at the show this Friday.   (More details about the show this Friday are in the post below.)

Upcoming Show This Week!!

I will be participating in a fundraising Art Walk event for women this Friday, Februay 11th, benefiting NeedHim Ministries.    The Art Walk will last for 1 hour and 20% of artist proceeds will go to NeedHim Ministries to help them continue moving forward in Advancing God's Kingdom.  There will be over 20 artists set up displaying their creations, so please tell your friends about it and join us for this worthy cause! Here are the details: Date - Friday, February 11th from 10:30am-11:30am Location - The Embassy Suites in Frisco (7600 John Q Hammons Dr, Frisco, TX 75034) To learn more about this event and NeedHim Ministries, please go here:  or  

More NuArt Minis Completed!!

These NuArt Minis are 3.5 inches by 5 inches.  I decided to try something a little different with this small group by not using the irridescent pearl or gold background.  The natural wood grain is really pretty and gives each piece it's own little spice of life.  (At least I think so)   I'll probably explore this further in future NuArt Minis.