Well, I’m slow to post here lately, but I should have some pics to upload this weekend.  I just started several new paintings, but didn’t think they were quite ready for their debut on the blog just yet.  Artists tend to be a little sensitive about their work, especially when it’s still being created.  Personally, when I start out on a painting, I have a sketch and a rough idea of what I want the end result to be, but getting there can be a little tricky...I may have a lot of under painting to complete, or large amounts of detailing that is not immediately apparent.    SO, if somebody is unfamiliar with my process, they may come along and say something negative, without intending any ill will, but since I’m overly sensitive about my creative baby that is growing and taking shape, I can easily take offense.  Too much stress, huh?   That's why sometimes it's best just to keep things private and avoid potential issues.      Ahhh….the creative process….so fun and yet it can be so painful.  


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