Getting Back Into The Creative Mood...

The past 6 weeks have been really slow for me, artistically speaking...   First I was sick for a week and then I hurt my foot (2nd Metatarsal was bruised) and had to wear a little special shoe for a while.  I don't know about other artists, but when I don't feel well, I certainly don't want to paint, so I've been resting and thinking.  Thinking about how I want to move forward or if I want to move forward at all.  (With painting that is)   Sometimes, I think it would be nice to just have a "normal life" of an 9-5 job (which I currently have), and just hang out with friends and family during my off time instead of pushing forward and trying to create art and show.    (I guess that's my just lay down the brush and pallette)   There's been a lot of work done over the years and so much more that needs to be done and trying to get a creative business up and running in the midst of a recession is difficult and takes a lot of energy.       BUT, the creative urge keeps beckoning and I've put in so much time, $$$, and energy, so I can't give up now.    (At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

I do have several paintings that are in progress right now, some of which are documented below, but I really need to finish them soon.  Perhaps I'll put together a painting schedule to help me get back on track again.  ??   That sounds like a good plan....   : )

I also ordered new Yankee candles to help increase my creativity during painting sessions.  They are on the way now and should be in by mid next week.  I love to paint with 2 small votives burning right next to the easel on my supply sets the mood and the smell is fabulous.  My favorite Yankee flavors are: blueberry scone, pineapple cilantro, and mango salsa.  I'm trying a new one too called Pink Sands, but I tend to go for the fruity smells, but no cinnamon please...  (I just want cinnamon in my desserts...not my candles.)  

Gotta get back into the painting groove to!!!      : )


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