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Blog Post #100

Today is Blog Post # 100        Woohoo!!!   : )        I'm really looking forward to Labor Day weekend and hoping to get a lot of work done to share here.   In the meantime...  I wanted to post a little portion of a painting that I created back in 2003.  I was going through a very difficult trial at the time and the person w/out a heart was representing the person that I was in conflict with.   
I was able to get a lot of work done today and completed several little paintings.   (minus their 2 final clear coats that make them SHINE)   The 5 x 7 paintings are a part of a new Colorbook series that are for upcoming shows.  They will be $25.00 each.  There are 6 new NuArt Minis as well.  (they are 3.5in x 5.5in) Colorbook series - 5 x 7 Colorbook series - 5 x 7 The NuArt Minis have a Gold base coat...  They don't photograph very well, but look great in person!    These are still in progress...