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I purchased a Canon photo scanner a few weeks ago to start copying my old family photos.  When I was growing up, mom and dad kept all of our photos in a big box, and since they are deceased, I'm the keeper of the photo box.   My brother and sister both have little children, so we thought it would be best to keep the photos in a safe place and since I don't have any kids, my closet has been home to the family photo box for 10 years.   My brother and sister haven't seen these since I've had them, so I got a great idea this summer about making them a special photo album or just copying as many as I could to a CD for them as Christmas gifts.  (I have well over 2500 photos to go through and I know that I won't be scanning all of them.)  This is going to be a very time consuming project, but I pray that my sister and brother enjoy it for years to come and can share their memories with their kids.    : ) As I was going through the pictures that I was planning to scan today