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Well, it's been quite a while since I have posted work out here.  I've been on a sabbatical from art for about 5 months and will probably remain so for about another 30-45 days.    Why you ask??     The summer months are our 'high season' in relocation, which is my day job, plus I've increased my servant leadership at church ( ), have been counseling/mentoring others, and doing a tremendous amount of writing.     Whew!!   2012 has been busy and fruitful indeed!     ; )      I was thinking the other day about what direction I want to go in regarding the art.   Creatively, I was contemplating a year long series on the 'colorbook' style landscapes and throwing random abstractions into the mix here and there.   Professionally, I was thinking about how to show the works upon completion.  Do I REALLY want to do art festivals again?         Hmmmm.... decisions, decisions.