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September 2013

The hot & busy summer season is drawing to an end here in North Texas and I’m looking forward to having more time to spend on creative endeavors this fall.        : )      I have some of the little tree studies just about completed, but feel much more interested in starting some Cross studies based off of earlier sketches and paintings.  I plan to use a very limited palette with those, so we’ll see how that goes.   I have been writing a lot of content for another website here lately that I will link to as soon as it’s ready to be publically launched, so the creative juices have been flowing well, just not in the area of drawing & painting.     On a side note…I decided to take a vacation week next week to celebrate the start of my 40 th year on earth.  I don’t think I’ve been too upset about turning 40 like other people I hear about.   No mental breakdown, sports car purchase or huge depression, so I’m very thankful for that.   I eagerly look forward to serving God more i