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Spiritual Retreat 2013

I absolutely LOVE Spiritual Retreats.  This year I had two new aspects on my journey:   1.     I went on my yearly Spiritual Retreat in early October instead of late spring and found that I enjoyed it just the same.  2.     I invited one of my mentors, Vee, whom I lovingly refer to as one of my spiritual grandmothers instead of going alone...and we had a wonderful time.          I always have great experiences on my retreats....I get relaxed, refreshed, refocused and always hear from God.  The locations are normally within 5 - 8 hours of the Dallas area and the trip to the destination is actually part of the retreat journey experience in of itself because I listen to Praise & Worship all the way there to get my heart & mind prepared.  This year, the first location we visited was Cap Rock Canyon State Park, which is just southeast of Amarillo.  It's a beautiful park that is very well maintained and is a nature lovers dream.   Since we went during the week it wa