April 2014

Wow… it has been a long time since I have posted anything out here.   I haven’t had much going on regarding art since I finished my board term with Art Love Magic in early fall of 2012.  I felt that it was time to step back and focus in on a few other things and just wait for more leading from God in the area of art…after being in several art shows/festivals and producing art shows, doing business planning, etc., I guess I just needed to chillax for a while.  Over the course of 18 months or so, there have been several family issues, sicknesses, etc., so I ministered to and served my family as much as possible and created another website that I’ve been adding content to for a while, but it isn’t ready to be public yet…whew – I’ve been busy!    I also had a major life change as I started going to another church in late January this year.   (  http://gracerev.org )     Changes…they can be wonderful and difficult at the same time.
I have only painted a few times since 2012 and for the most part, I’m ok with that.   I understand that there are seasons that God moves us through, but I’m starting to miss my creative time and getting paint all over the place.   : )     I’ve been pondering starting a Cross Challenge – doing a series of paintings based on the rugged cross in different colors, settings, etc. over the course of a given time frame.   Maybe 20 paintings in 20 weeks in various sizes..    Maybe 30 paintings in 20 weeks all sized 8 x10.    ????     Just thinking about it right now….and that’s a GREAT start. 
On 4/17, I’m going with an art buddy to Ft. Worth to hang out at an art show for a while, so I’m sure that will add a little fuel to the creative embers.   : ) 


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