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Well... I'm a little late in posting this.  I put it out on Facebook on 12/31/14 and wanted to have it here too. What an exciting and extraordinary year 2014 was been!!!  During this time of year, I like think back over the previous months, savor all of the blessings and then pray over the upcoming year. How about you?  For me, the biggest surprise of the year came about 2 weeks after my annual spiritual retreat in October when my life was literally put on a new trajectory….more about that later. For the 2014 retreat, I went back to Cross Ministries in Groom, TX for a day of rest, reflection, study and prayer. (It’s a wonderful place to visit, pray, study and just be with Jesus.) The replica of the empty tomb at Cross Ministries had a huge impact on me during this visit. I sat in that space for quite some time thinking on Jesus’ resurrection. IF He never came out of that tomb, I would have no peace, no joy, no laughter, no hope, no promise of Heaven….no salvation. Beca