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Heart Project

The Heart series/project is advancing… I’ve been working on the paper mache hearts a lot lately.   I ordered 40 of them online a few weeks ago and ordered another 30 hearts today.   I have tons of ideas for them and things that I want to experiment with, so I was excited to get a Dremel tool last week to start carving and cutting up some of the hearts.   I refer to it as heart surgery, but no anesthesia is needed and there is absolutely no risk of death.     I started the Heart series by working on paintings, but now focus on the paper mache hearts.   So far, this series/project is really getting me out of my traditional working/creating methods, which is a good thing.    I typically have everything well planned out and stick to a certain schedule to make sure I reach my intended goals.   This time around, I’m being more flexible and taking detours here and there, not setting any “hard target” dates, etc.   I’m enjoying the journey and surprised that I’m more intereste