Brutus Kleetus McSpadden

Brutus Kleetus McSpadden

I thought it was high time to do a special post about my wonderful Studio Assistant Brutus Kleetus McSpadden.  He was born on 3/03/16 in Lewisville, so you know he is a proud Texan just like me.   : )

Brutus is like most cats.  He wants to do whatever he wants, whenever he feels like it.  He likes getting Temptations treats a few times a week, but if I try to give them to him everyday, he won't eat them.   ???    Brutus' favorite food is Instinct Chicken dry kibble with freeze dried chicken bits.....he thinks those are special treats just for him and eats them before the rest of the food.  You can find out more about the food he eats by clicking HERE.

Bru, one of his many nicknames, loves to fetch balls and has since he was a kitten.  I have a little video of him:

Bru loves to sit next to me wherever I may happen to be, so I move his blue chair around so that he can sit next to me at my work table or the computer desk.  Here is a pic of him on top of his perch with the blue chair in front.

He likes to look outside to see the neighbors coming and going.  I don't know if you can see it, but that blue chair is all messed up from his scratching over the years.  He has two scratching posts that he uses, but he still claws up that blue chair.  Cats!!!

Here are a couple of other pics of him:

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