Getting Personal

I wanted to document a major life change on my website, praying that it might help others.

Here is the text and pics from my 7/19/19 Facebook post:

I just shaved my head. OMG....this is freedom!!
I have wanted to shave off my hair, or what remains of my hair, for the last year and tonight I finally did it. 
If you want the back story.... My hair started thinning during my late 20s. I then adopted a hairstyle that I absolutely hated for over 15 years because I could sorta hide the hairloss...unless I was under a lot of lights. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 35 and the hair continued to fall out. Like so many other women with this issue, I have tried pills, lotions, potions, etc., and nothing worked for me. I got to the point where something had to change, so I went to a great wig salon (wild4wigs) about 4 years ago and proceeded to go nuts buying different wigs and feeling like I was regaining what I had lost over the years. I wore the clip on wigs, but eventually got tired of them. I will be 46 in couple of months and the shedding hair was shoulder length, but looking more patchy than was depressing, so I took the leap. I shaved that hot mess off of my head. I have some full wigs that you may see me wearing when I'm out and about. One is brown rooted blonde wavy beach getup and another one I refer to as my Marilyn wig.
Life is short....if you need to, shave your head!

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