Art Challenges are AWESOME!!

I am enjoying this art challenge so much more than I ever thought I would.

More details below, but here a few of my favorites hearts so far:

The current heart art challenge will be done in a couple of weeks and I'm already planning another one for 2020.

These are the highlights for me so far:

  1. Getting back into watercolor painting.  I haven't used watercolors in a very long time and need to make them a regular part of my creative process.  
  2. Relearning old stuff.... Like how different papers absorb paint.  Some of the paper pads I've been using were bought over the years when they were on sale and put in my art storage boxes, so it's been interesting relearning how to use them and the difference between different poundage of the paper, the different textures of the paper, etc.
  3. Working faster and thinking less.  Sometimes it is very easy to over think during the creative process.... it's like trying for perfection, but losing out on the fun of playing with line and color.  I'm experiencing more joy in my creative process now more than ever before.  Freedom and fun.

To see all of the hearts created so far, please go here:

* I try my best to have the photos match the original artworks as exactly as possible, but colors may vary from monitor to monitor.

** All images on this website are © by Michelle McSpadden, and may not be copied or used in any way without expressed written permission **


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