Project LOVE

This page will be used to document the development of Project LOVE/PROject Love.  

This is my personal exploration of God's heart of love towards mankind by examining His loving character more deeply than ever before. Pursuing the depths of God’s love in order to receive, demonstrate, and explain it will be the highest goal of my life.  I’m planning to have thoughts and revelations expressed through the written word (blog posts), podcasts, and visual symbolism using the heart in various artworks. 

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Below is a list of blogposts devoted to Project LOVE:

Project Love intro

Jesus’ love is
Life giving  -  Available to all and freely given 

Jesus….Held nothing back - He endured great pain and suffering prior to and during the crucifixion to bring us back into fellowship with God.

John 15:13   Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

God’s love is:

Uncontainable  -  Expansive  -  Pure and untainted

Electric  -  Alive  -  Life Giving  -  Tender

Faithful  -  True  -  Kind  -  Generous  -  Merciful  -  Boundless

God’s love:

Vibrates  -  Ripples  -  Has a pulse  -  Nourishes  -  Radiates

Heals  -  Flows

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