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In 2019, I started doing art challenges to help me get looser and more fluid with my imagery by working faster while exploring colors, linework, shapes and patterns.  Here are the websites if you want to check them out: https://heartart2019.blogspot.com/

Resources for people seeking to know God more: 

https://bibleproject.com - this is one of my favs!!  They have short animated commentaries for each book of the bible and much more.  Great stuff!

https://www.bible-studys.org  - created by a lay person, this website is a verse by verse commentary with tons of history and notes.

https://www.blueletterbible.org - verse by verse commentary by multiple authors and study notes.

Resources for Christian artists: https://www.matttommeymentoring.com

Brutus Kleetus McSpadden is the studio assistant...he is a large tomcat who thinks it is his job to personally inspect everything...everyday.  You can see pics of him by clicking here.

Symbolism (The Desertscapes)  

~  Pathways are used primarily to convey the journey/path we take in life…we may see where it’s going for a while, it may disappear as it dips in between hills/valleys and take sharp turns around large obstacles, it can be wide or narrow, it can also indicate the road less traveled, or a difficult way.
~  A cliff can signify being on the edge, a decision making process, or a time to ponder and take action.
~  The Dark background represents night, seriousness, spiritual darkness and/or separation from God. The dark skies contrasted with a light landscape or imagery also help to convey the well known Christian theme of Christ being the light in our darkness. 
~  Light backgrounds help to translate hope and peace in the midst of struggles, as well as the beginning of a new day.
~  The crosses in my work refer to Christ, the Christian walk of faith and/or the burdens that we must carry in life.
~  The figures are used to help the viewer put themselves in that particular setting/circumstance for contemplative purposes.  Figures are kept as gender and race free as possible so that no viewer is excluded, but rather all are invited to examine the significance of the particular theme being portrayed.
~  Bald heads - a reminder that we are always 'naked' in front of God, He sees us as we really are.
~  Skeletons - death, spiritual death, unrepentant, lost, hungry, unfruitful
~  Hearts (Missing) - heartless, spiritual death, unlovable, brokenhearted
~  Hearts (On the outside of the body) - having a heart for God, ready/able to give or love
~  Kneeling figures - contemplative, position of prayer, showing reverence or being repentant
~  Figures in fetal positions - mourning, being repentant or resting in peace
~  Figures standing - dignified, ready to overcome, or being still & stagnant in faith or in life
~  Figures sitting - resting, being refreshed, contemplating the next step
~  Figures carrying/dragging sacks or bags - holding on to luggage such as: anger, heartbreak, loss, guilt, fear, or burdens from the past or present that can weigh us down and keep us from the potential that Father God has for us. 
~  Heart trees - love growing
~  Hearts on the ground - love that has ripened
~  Glass hearts on the ground in a puddle - when love pours forth 

This is my painting signature mark/logo, which are my initials: M D M  ~   I created this signature mark several years ago so that I wouldn't take up half of the lower portion of a painting trying to sign my long name.  The only time I don't use this signature is on the mini paintings and some abstract paintings.

Photo Diary..... random pictures of me through the years:

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Spring 2014

fall 1991

1987 school picture

My 7th birthday in 1980

Me and my brother Michael in 1980


Me and big sister Tracey in 1976

Sept 29 1975

Me and mom...early 1974

Here are some pics of the art studio over the years:

Here are how things used to be in 2015

Cross - Meditation wall...these are crosses that were given to me or purchased on vacations. 


Framing Recommendations

A good frame can truly “set off” a piece of artwork.  Sometimes, the best way to choose a frame for your artwork is to decide what kind of emphasis you want the piece to have in the display setting or by what your budget allows.  The more ornate a frame is, the more it will cost.  Another thing to keep in mind is that ornate frames can sometimes take away from the artwork or make it look “too busy.”  A good frame will enhance the artwork.  Personally, I go with plain black frames that are 3-4 inches wide.  The color is neutral and it doesn’t distract from the artwork.  Local framing shops such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels have well trained staff that can assist you in finding the perfect frame for your art, so don’t hesitate to get their input if you’re having trouble trying to pick the perfect frame.

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