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Upcoming Show This Week!!

I will be participating in a fundraising Art Walk event for women this Friday, Februay 11th, benefiting NeedHim Ministries.    The Art Walk will last for 1 hour and 20% of artist proceeds will go to NeedHim Ministries to help them continue moving forward in Advancing God's Kingdom.  There will be over 20 artists set up displaying their creations, so please tell your friends about it and join us for this worthy cause! Here are the details: Date - Friday, February 11th from 10:30am-11:30am Location - The Embassy Suites in Frisco (7600 John Q Hammons Dr, Frisco, TX 75034) To learn more about this event and NeedHim Ministries, please go here:  or  

Recovering After girlShow 2010

WOW ...I'm always amazed at the amount of energy it takes to do a show and how much rest is needed afterwards.  This years girlShow was a 2 night affair with different artists and lineups each night.  On Friday night I assisted with entrance fees at the front door for most of the night and then participated as an artist on Saturday (7/10).  I was able to get my table set up next to a wall in a fair amount of time and think that there was less pre show/set up stress than I'm used to.  A dear art buddy, Curtis Fesser, was my helper for the evening and he graciously assisted me with carrying everything in, watched the table when I would take a break and helped with the tear down, so I'm pretty sure that's the reason I was less anxious.  Thank you Curtis!!  : )    I enjoyed seeing all my creative sisters doing their thing, listening to some good music and selling a few paintings.  To recouperate today, I met for lunch with some friends from church and will be taking it easy

It's Almost Show Time!!!

I'll be creating live and displaying art work on July 10th at the Art Love Magic girlShow from 8pm till midnight.          WooHoo!!!         You can find out more about it here: .  I'll posting pics from the show on Sunday....when I'm back home recovering from the AWESOME time we're about to have.... come out and join us!!

Today & Beyond

Today, I'm recouperating from the Art Where You Live show at Chase Oaks Church last night. Justin Nygren was our producer and we had a great time with a pretty good turnout. I'm very thankful to be asked to be a part of the event and having the opportunity to show my work and get a little bit more experience under my art hat. I sold 3 small paintings out of the Thorns & Thistles series, so I'm very happy about that too! What's coming up next? I'll be creating live and displaying art work on July 10th at the Art Love Magic girlShow .

5/30 Painting Session

***I'll be painting LIVE and displaying art on 6/05 at Chase Oaks Church*** Art Where You Live (A Coffee House & Art Event) Location: Chase Oaks Church, Plano (Off of Legacy close to 75) Time: 7-10PM Saturday, June 5th It's been a Busy, Busy, Busy day! I finished up the Thorns & Thistles series today (for the time being) and will be diving into the desertscapes tomorrow. YAY!!!! I'm excited!! I found another great (and free) theology resource today: the teachings of S. Lewis Johnson Jr (A conservative evangelical pastor and theologian who taught for many years at Dallas Theological Seminary.) I started listening to the Christology section today during my painting session....Wonderful info; check it out!

5/07/10 Update

I will be producing Art Love Magic’s Art & Coffee at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum tonight, so a lot of my time and focus has been directed towards that this week. I have had some time to paint here and there, but I probably won’t have photos to share until Sunday evening. This is such an exciting season for me both spiritually and artistically. I’ve been blessed with a lot zeal and growth in each area. The result is that I have many ideas for the surrealistically styled-religious themed landscapes, so I’m eager to get started on what will be my primary focus this summer. Woohoo!!!! Upcoming Shows: I will be at Lakewood Stock on 5/16 from 12-8pm and the Cedar Springs Rd Sidewalk Sale on 5/22 from 10am-5pm. On 5/16, I’ll be sharing a booth with Scott Dorn & Essie Graham. On 5/22, I’ll be sharing a larger booth with Scott, Essie, and Glenda Williams. (You can see their work by visiting their link under the Cool Websites on the right side of the blog.) If you’re able, please sto

Deep Ellum Art Festival

Last weekend, 4/02-4/04, I participated in my first major art festival...The Deep Ellum Art Fest. When I was invited to share a booth with Essie Graham and Scott Dorn , I jumped at the chance not knowing what to expect. It's been a week since the fest, so I thought now would be a good time to record my thoughts. First of all, it was A LOT OF WORK just getting ready prior to the Fest...making sure I had all of my info packs ready, paintings photographed, and all the knick knacks packed that we might need. The day of set up was exhausting. We lovingly referred to our booth as the Ghetto Booth because this was our first time to do a big show like this and our funds were low...we could only afford the bare essentials. Humble beginnings are great because it leaves so much room for future growth and expansion...exciting times!!! It wasn't until noonish on the 2nd day that I really started to enjoy the event and from there things just got better and better as my setup exhaustion fro

Deep Ellum Art Fest

Please join me at the Deep Ellum Art Festival on 4/02-4/04, where I will be displaying art at booth #98 with photographers Essie Graham & Scott Dorn. We will be located close to Malcolm X Blvd on Main Street. (You can visit the website here: for more details & directions.) I will also be doing a LIVE, faith based art performance on 4/04 (Easter Sunday) from 11-am-2:45pm at the Art Love Magic section of the festival, which should be close to Crowdus on Main Street. (You can learn more about the awesome things going on with Art Love Magic here: ) Right now, I'm currently working on several small paintings for the show, so there should be a lot new/fresh work to see!