A Study of Trees - Part 1

I've been working on some small (5 x 7) study paintings here lately. These 3 have the little leafless trees/bushes that I tend to put here and there in the desertscapes. There are two ways to consider them: 1) that it's winter and spring is on the horizon OR 2) that they are dead. I'll leave it up to the viewer to decide. Tree w/Moon Tree Study 1 Tree Study 2
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Giclee Fine Art Prints/Reproductions

Esteemed by artists and fine art collectors alike for their exquisite quality and accurate reproduction of the original artwork, giclees (zhee-clays) are the hottest contemporary art medium on the market today.  I have partnered with American Litho Color, an industry leader in giclee printing, to publish museum quality print editions that are exact replicas of the original by using the most advanced technology available. Giclees are considered to be the next best thing to owning the actual original piece of art and can be found in high profile museums, such as the New York Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art. Facts about Giclee prints/reproductions: Giclee prints are printed on canvas and are archival for 150 years. Giclee prints are coated with a laminate that offers UV protection and scratch resistance. Giclee prints have a published limited edition size. Each giclee print is signed, numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity & artist resume/bio. Mus

A New Beginning...

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Completed Paintings....

Just finished..yay!!    (These are 5 x 7 done with acrylic paint)

Paintings In Progress.....

Here are a few pics of the Colorbook paintings that were started on 11/05: